1. Experiential Exercise (Self-Awareness Lifeline)

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November 16, 2020
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November 16, 2020

1. Experiential Exercise (Self-Awareness Lifeline)


This provides an opportunity to put into practice the principles and concepts that are being studied in the course. A brief visual diagram or chart (fit on one page) should precede the essay, giving the reader a glance of 12 significant events in chronological format (a timeline). The subsequent essay should also be organized in a chronological format, and should focus on these points for each event charted:





theimpact(positive,negative,orindifferent) thiseventmayhaveonyourfunctioningasacounselor(pleasebethoughtfulonthispointasthisisquiteimportant!)




Each“event”chartedonthefirstpageoftheprojectneedstohave1-2pagesinnarrativeformatintheessaysection,totaling12(minimum)-24(maximum)pagesofessay. Pleaselabeleacheventintheessayclearly.




Since the focus is somewhat subjective, the instructor will primarily be looking for the level of transparency and introspective effort put into the project and the thoroughness of the above elements written up for each event listed. This is not a research paper but an introspective activity and yet, as applicable, APA guidelines apply.







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