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February 21, 2021
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February 21, 2021

150 Word Discussion Reply

 This is really cool and relates to our discussion this week.

There’s a sparrow in San Francisco that has traditionally had a  specific type of call. When COVID and quarantine hit, life in San Fran  got quieter, and the birds’ calls changed!

The article likened it to this: when we are at a loud cocktail party,  we have to ‘yell’ to talk to our friends. Typically we are not  discussing ground breaking topics at such parties because the atmosphere  is not conducive to it.  However, at a dinner party, the atmosphere is  quieter and more intimate. This can lead to more developed and serious  conversations, as well as speaking at a different level.

The sparrows experienced a similar event: without all the city noise,  the bird was no longer screaming to be heard. Rather, it could focus  more effort and time into its call, which became richer and more  complex.



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