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July 14, 2021
helen is in telemarketing. She is paid a commission of 2.5% of the sales she makes plus a retainer of…
July 14, 2021
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2369 – My Nursing Assignment

 Discussion 1
PICOT is utilized by the health care community to identify and study a nursing or medical practice problem. Consequently, PICOT examples that may provide insight into the use of the PICOT process, may not be relevant to nursing practice as they are based on a medical practice problem.
Describe the difference between a nursing practice problem and a medical practice problem. Provide one example of each. Discuss why is it important to ensure your PICOT is based on a nursing practice problem.
Discussion 2
 Nursing research is used to study a dilemma or a problem in nursing. Examine a problem you have seen in nursing. Provide an overview of the problem and discuss why the problem should be studied. Provide rational and support for your answer
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