500 words essay 17

ead the attached PDF document carefully. It’s from The Capilano Review, winter 2020. This is an independent literary journal based in Vancouver, British Columbia. It’s supported by several different government and independent arts councils.

The section I chose is an interview between Colin Browne and LaTiesha Fazakas, and tells the story of LaTiesha’s relationship with the Northwest Coast artist Beau Dick. There’s also a photo of him in his 20s when he made the masks that are featured in this issue of the journal. I thought they went well with our cover of Humble Pie volume 17. Also, the first mask is of a “Bookwus” or “Wild Man of the Woods”! Wodwo!

After reading the interview and considering the masks and reading about them in the PDF, think of a relationship in your own creative life that has changed you. Most of us have an artist, designer, writer, or teacher whose work has had a powerful influence on us, like Beau Dick had on LaTiesha Fazakas.

Write the story of this relationship. This should be a carefully-considered piece written in the first-person Point of View (the “I” … “I met Joy Harjo in Denver Colorado in May 1989,” for example). You should also write it in the past tense.

I’ll be looking for evidence of your thoughtful account of the story. It should be a minimum of 500 words, double-spaced, in a Word document or Google doc and uploaded here in this classroom thread.

In order to write your piece, you might imagine being in an interview with someone who is asking you about the person you’ve chosen. You can model your story after the interview between Colin Browne and LaTiesha Fazakas.

note: the letters UBC in the interview stand for University of British Columbia.


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