6 1 discussion dynamic marketing capabilities

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February 21, 2021
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February 21, 2021

6 1 discussion dynamic marketing capabilities

The increasing demand for a company to develop rapid agility in the marketing planning and execution processes is an artifact of increasingly short product line and industry lifecycles. For a brand to remain relevant over time, it must develop the dynamic capabilities internally to understand and innovate its products and services within markets with both increasing global similarities and divergent local tastes.

For this discussion, you will research and share the results of a recent (past two years) academic journal article on “dynamic marketing capabilities” using the SNHU Shapiro Library article search function. Please review the articles selected by your peers to avoid duplication. If you are struggling to find an article, consult with an online SNHU librarian via chat, text, or phone.

Your primary post title must include the article title, author, and journal name. In your primary post, describe what is meant by company’s “dynamic abilities” and how they are thought to relate to sustaining a strategic competitive advantage. Explain how the article incorporates the idea that marketing is/is not a potential dynamic capability of a company by briefly reviewing the research, industry or company examples, and rationales presented by the paper’s authors. Did you agree with the authors’ findings? Must international companies have a dynamic capability in marketing to be globally successful? What’s your rationale?

Throughout the week, engage with your peers’ presentations of other articles. Do you agree with their findings? What about your peers’ positions on the dynamic capabilities and marketing? Is marketing a necessary and dynamic capability within successful international companies?

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.


  • Discussion Rubric: Graduate


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