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January 17, 2021
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6 pages text in length

The topic of lab will be insulative materials, and you can approach it from the various aspects of science as it relates to the concepts we are covering in the course (Environment, Politics, Business, etc). This writing assignment will have a clear thesis, introduction, body, and conclusion. Explanations must be supported with examples using APA format. The essay will be graded using the Dialogues of Learning Written Communication Rubric.

· At least 6 pages of text in length

· 12-point font

· 2 line spacing, 1 inch margins at most

· Clear introduction, body, and conclusion

· Sources start on page 7 (not included in the 6-page length requirement)

· Cited sources in text in APA format (see announcements for guide)

· Cited sources (Works cited) in APA format (see announcements for guide)

· 10 Scholar sources minimum (at least 5 from peer reviewed science Journals)

· Students are encouraged to use graphs and figures as long as they are properly labeled and cited, however, these DO NOT count towards the 6-page length requirement.

· This is a research paper – there should be no quotes within the body of the paper UNLESS you are directly quoting someone’s opinion. All information that you obtain from your references should be reworded using your own words as well as cited within the body of the paper.

Your paper should include the following parts to make a cohesive research paper; remember to transition between all of these parts, not just jump from one thing to the next:

Introduction: What about insulation will you be talking about? Why is it important?

Body: The body of your paper should include the following areas: scientific background on your topic in science, , what’s the scientific research going on about the topic, what future work can be done, and how does it tie into the areas of life. Describe a type or issue with insulation that you want to test. Explain the parts of the scientific method.

Describe your results. Because this is a longer paper, multiple paragraphs may be used in order to establish your point and support for each of these areas.

Conclusion: This should summarize what you discussed in your paper. Restate your thesis and the main support and have a concluding statement.

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