a minimum of three double-spaced pages long essay

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a minimum of three double-spaced pages long essay


The Autobiography of Ben Franklin

Relying primarily on material from the The Autobiography of Ben Franklin, thoroughly answer the following questions:

Section 1 (25 points): Describe how Benjamin Franklin  established the public library in Philadelphia. What was the effect of  this library on Franklin and on his community?

Section 2 (50 points): Explain Franklin’s quest for moral  perfection. What process did he use? How successful was he? Which  virtues did he find the most challenging to maintain? What was meant by  his saying, “a speckled ax is best?”

Section 3 (25 points): Was Franklin a religious man? Why, or why not? Provide specific evidence to support your conclusions.

*****Include at least three direct, block quotes from the Autobiography  to support your position.Be sure to put your citation for these  quotations in parentheses and in all caps. For example, your citation  might look like this:

“She assisted me cheerfully in my business, . . . .” (FRANKLIN, P. 119) or, if there is no page number, (FRANKLIN, Chapter 6).


– The Online Reader and The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. The textbook “America: A Narrative History”. 

Textbook: “America: A Narrative History” by David Emory Shi and George Brown Tindall, Tenth Edition, W. W. Norton & Company, Inc.

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