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February 23, 2021
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February 23, 2021

acc au question

Write a paragraph to explain how the AICPA can be of help to NEW auditors. Focus on the mission of the organization, the materials available to members, and/or guidance provided to practitioners. BE SPECIFIC! That is, be sure you list specific resources and programs the AICPA provides.
* Create a well-organized, structured paragraph using your own words. Do not copy/paste/plagiarize materials from the AICPA website or other sources.

A paragraph should be limited to the development of ONE idea.
It should contain a topic sentence followed by other sentences to develop the topic.
The structure of a paragraph should be topic sentence, supporting sentences, concluding sentence (optional) or transition to another paragraph.
Supporting Sentence(s) – provides descriptive or factual details, illustrations or examples, definitions, or appeals to authority. You may use whatever is necessary to give a clear understanding of what you are trying to explain.

DO NOT repeat the same thing or make statements for which you provide no support.

Good English grammar and transitions is required

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