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March 13, 2020
March 13, 2020

Aged Adult Self-identified Assessment

I came up with answers based on the following questions.

  1. What was their Demographics, life time education and career life?
  2. What was two most significant times in their lives?
  3. What past hardships or loss did they successfully negotiate in the past?
  4. What are their two personal strengths?
  5. What was the two coping skills they have used in the past and lately?

The review focused on these five questions.

What were their demographics, lifetime education, and career?

Stephen minnow and Grace Mitchell explained that: in their time demographically the population was smaller but has grown as time passes. The elders guided the communities and provided education to the children and solved disputes among the population in those days careers were not defined since people produced well only for their basic needs.

As time has passed the innovation has improved and the methods for communication and dealing with issues have advanced with government and progressively sorted out society set up. Urban relocation has let to youngsters moving to towns leaving the older in rural zones.

The two most significant (positive) times of their lives were when they got married, though the marriage was carried out with the approval of the parents which would mean that their parents helped them acquire partners. At the point when they got their first child was likewise another noteworthy minute in their life which was trailed by festivities and naming of their child.

In the past there were many hardships mostly family disputes which involved land disputes, in the past, they were able to solve land disputes successfully by consulting on the history of land demarcation and hence an agreement was attained.

Personal strengths were; communication strengths which are mainly concise in verbalizing ideas, allowing effective communication and ability to summarize and clarify. The personal connection also helped in communication. Another strength was the strength of decision making and judgment that clearly defining and communication issues, gathering important information, make decisions on the best of action to take, implementing the course of action to take, communicating and explaining the decision, following up the progress of action taken and learning from previous mistakes.

Most of the healthy coping skills were asking for advice from a stranger or an elder who would provide wise advice and guidance, they also involved crying out the problem. The unhealthy coping skills involved violence and blame on others, getting drunk too much to get over the issue, being depressed and isolating yourself from others and at times people would flee their homes.

Coping skills they used was getting drunk and violent.

On the advice they would give to their younger self; they wish they hadn’t drunk too much which would have impacted their lives in a way. They could have focused on their live development.

Geriatric depression scale: the GDS-SF is a subset of 15 questions from original GDS-LF with original correlations with depression symptoms

A score of 0 to 5 is normal

A score >5 suggests depression

A score > 10 is quite often demonstrative of depression.

Ordinary aging realizes inescapable changes that are incompletely answerable for the expanded danger of creating wellbeing related issues inside the older populace.

The mini-mental examination is also called the Folstein test which is a 30 point questionnaire. It is used to measure cognitive impairment.

Recognition and assessment of risk for suicidal ideation and behavior.


The elderly seemed less depressed since they got a score of below 10 in the geriatric depression scale, in the mini-mental status exam they scored moderate (10-18 points).


Feldman, DM, morere, D;morton,D (DEC 2009) clinical evaluation of mini mental state exam culturally deaf senior citizens.

Caine ED, Conwell Y. suicide in the elderly international clinical psychopharmacology. 2001;16


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