June 20, 2021
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June 20, 2021
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ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses

Kristina Harris posted

4-1 Discussion: ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses

The Nursing Code of Ethics was first adopted in 1950. It is a
collective statement for a nurse’s moral values, responsibility,
obligations and professional goals of nurses independently and
collectively. Over the years, revisions have been made with input from
nurses for development of how the code can be applied to clinical

From the Nurses Code of Ethics provisions, the most important
provisions for nurse administrators to apply to their role as leaders
would be provision 5: It states that the nurse owes the same obligation
to themselves as to other people including the duty to promote health
and welfare, preserve entirety of character and honestly, uphold
competency and ongoing individual and professional development (Bell,
2015).  In the work environment it is important as a nurse leader to
assist in resolving issues that are brought to their attention. If
another nurse has an issue that she needs help navigating, it is
important that the nurse leader is respectful and conscientious of
maintaining ethical behavior, safety standards and dialog from the other
nurse.  In a study aimed at comprehending how nurse leaders solved work
related problems, it was noted that nurse managers resolved ethical
issues through respect and dialog with nursing team members
(Schick-Makaroff, & Storch, 2019).  

Another provision would be provision 6: It states that the nurse
through personal and collaborative efforts, initiates, continues and
develops the moral environment of the workplace and the state of
occupation expectations that are instrumental in a safe, standard of
healthcare (Bell, 2015). Moral distress in the workplace can become an
ethical dilemma such as end of life controversy about treatment measures
but can also be issues like lateral violence and workplace disasters.
The American Nurses Association have found workplace environment is an
area of concern that cause stress within the workplace. In a study of
ethical workplace issues, it states that finding solutions to
effectively deal with ethical disputes is crucial to staff but also to
the organization because it effects patient outcomes due to adverse
effects on patient care. These factors contribute to staff burnout and
workforce turnover (Brown, 2015).


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