February 23, 2021
The difference between diversity inclusion and equity
February 23, 2021

annotating craap resources

Topic: Universal Healthcare in The US

Select a source from either the Opposing Viewpoints database or the Academic Search Ultimate database.

Apply the C.R.A.A.P test to the source to determine if it is credible. Test Worksheet. Remember, credible sources should score 35 points or more on the test.

Each resource needs the following questions answered:

1. It seems this source is arguing ____________________.

2. This source is using this evidence to support that argument: ____________________.

3. Personally, I believe (the source is doing a good job/bad job of supporting its arguments and why) ____________________.

4. My problem is ________________________.

5. This is my intended argument: ________________________.

6. I think this source will be very helpful in supporting my argument because ________________________.

7. I think this source will support my other sources because ________________________.



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