answer 2 questions in two different files

short paper on locke 2
September 16, 2020
Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but they are not entitled to their own facts.”
September 16, 2020

answer 2 questions in two different files

Question 1

Most IMPORTANT NOTE : You will have to read the novel Born a crime by Trevor Noah or read the summary of the book from the internet to answer this question.

Trevor Noah shared several personal accounts of very interesting, difficult and complex life experiences with the world. For your last student learning outcome I am asking you to:

1) identify at least one of these experiences as it relates to at least one of the Untied Nations Sustainable Development Goals;

2) either include a resolution that was presented in the book that managed the situation appropriately –or share your own ideas that would have better managed the situation; and

3) conclude with sharing your perspectives as to how resolving this situation will impact the world at large.


Question 2

You are unable to vote in the mid-term elections in the US (do not have citizenship, are not 18 or have had your rights revoked):

  1. Put a brief 1 – 2 page paper together describing how voting can still impact the political process.
    • I would suggest considering the multiple types of elections this country hosts (e.g. midterm, gubernatorial, legislative approval, local, etc.).
    • Feel free to mention if you’ve already participated in some fashion, in the election/campaigning process (e.g. canvassed for candidates, researched issues/laws, made phone calls, passed out information/literature and answered questions on behalf of candidates, block-walked, etc.).
    • Mention candidates and/or currently elected officials that you know speak to these members of society, that may have described specific policy directed to their needs (e.g. if these members of society live in impoverished communities, or are dealing with intense crime the candidate has committed to change ~ perhaps in the form of community/economic development programs; or interested in reversing law that would allow felons another chance at voting; etc.).
    • Review the issues being voted on, and share your opinion regarding what you would support/oppose and why.
    • [I encourage the application of references to justify your position on any issues mentioned].


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