to prevent fire fighter fatalities design a policy on risk assessment
April 9, 2021
Humanities 112- World Cultures 2
April 9, 2021

answer the question 214

Instructions: This is essay assignment #1. It covers chapters 1 – 5. You will have Five (5) brief essay questions that you will need to complete by Wednesday, April 10th at 11:59 p.m. The answers must be submitted through Turn-It-In. All the information necessary to answer the questions are in the book. This exercise is presented to reinforce the reading from the start of the semester. Each answer is worth 2 points – 2% of your total grade.

I want quality over quantity in regard to length of answers. Be sure to answer all parts of an answer. Plagiarism will result in a zero (0) grade for the question and possible the test; do not cut and paste your answer – write it in your own words.

1) What were the three (3) early great West African Empires discussed in chapter 1 of your book and my corresponding powerpoint presentation? What kind (s) of activity made them great and powerful? (You can list and briefly explain)

2) What was the Middle Passage? Describe a type of resistance or rebellion during the passage. (Information is in chapter 2 and the related powerpoint presentation)

3) What were slave codes? Please give an example of a slave code? (Information is in chapter 3)

4) What do you think the Cotton Mather, Onesimus, and inoculation (or what some had called “The Africa Solution”). (Information is in Chapter 4). Please read and offer your thoughts on the historical significance.

5) After reading pages 100 – 102, answer the following question:

How many times does the term slave or slavery appear in the United States Constitution before 1865 AND why? (List and briefly explain).

DO NOT copy and past

and this is the online copy off the book…


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