Any topic (writer’s choice)

Week 4 Discussion 2
January 13, 2020
Research 8
January 13, 2020

Any topic (writer’s choice)

The student will be responsible for preparing a 2-3 page typed summaries* of a reading related to issues of human diversity in working with individuals of minority status. The readings will be chosen by the student, but must be from social work journals.

*The student may choose an alternative format.

The summary must include the following elements:
a. Title, author and source of the reading.
b. The main issues and findings reported in the reading. Special attention
should be given to issues of human diversity and populations at risk as presented in the reading.
c. The relevance of the reading in understanding human behavior in the
in the social environment.
d. The potential relevance of the reading for generalist social work practice.


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