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February 21, 2021
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February 21, 2021

application essay for a msw

Please answer the following questions, be aware of the word maximum.

1. With reference to UNE’s School of Social Work Mission Statement and the definition of “social inclusion” provided therein, please share your views on how you understand social inclusion and its connection to social justice, cultural diversity, and human dignity. (350 words max)

2. Please share two examples that you have observed in society where social inclusion was absent. What are your recommendations for how to address these issues? (350 words max)

3. Why are you interested in the field of social work? What personal strengths and areas of development relate to you becoming a professional social worker? In addition, please also assess your technological proficiencies from an online graduate program standpoint. (350 words max)

4. Please discuss a challenge or conflict you faced while working with people in a professional or volunteer setting and how you dealt with it. Briefly describe the situation and share what, if anything you would do differently. Describe how this experience has affected you as a professional. (350 words max)


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