arbitration “award” and “opinion” sections

system engineering 22
December 3, 2020
Hierarchy of Informatics
December 3, 2020

arbitration “award” and “opinion” sections

Format: This should be written in the format of an arbitration award. There is a sample award on Canvas for your reference. The only sections you need to write are the Opinion and Award sections. You do not need to include the relevant documents or positions of the parties. The award should include a cover page that includes your name. Arbitration awards should reflect considerable care in their construction.

Other important details: Please be sure to pay attention to the following concepts and issues: 1.  The criteria for just cause2.  Witness credibility3.  Progressive discipline

Grading Criteria:Writing: 25% Reasoning (including engaging with course material): 75%

Any time you are copying words from a source without putting them in quotes you are engaged in plagiarism. Avoid the temptation to closely paraphrase books, for example by taking phrases from an article or book, changing one or two connecting words, and stringing them together to form part of your paper this is plagiarism. Write in your own words and use quotes where appropriate. If you have questions about academic dishonesty, the College of Liberal Arts provides information about this both online and offline.


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