physics rotational motion and law of gravity
November 22, 2020
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November 22, 2020

art questions 6

Elements of Art: Texture


  1. What is the difference between implied texture and actual, or real, texture?
  2. Which piece of art did you find most interesting? Why?

Elements of Art: Form


  1. What is Trompe L’oeil art?
  2. How do artists create form through art?
  3. Which painting did you find most interesting in the video about Form? Why?

Visual Arts Illustration

  1. What are illustrated documentaries, according to Wendy Macnaughton? How does she describe the type of visual artwork that she creates and how would you describe her art?
  2. Macnaughton explains that her illustrated documentaries rely heavily on observing the world around her – what other types of visual art mediums are heavily based on observation? Explain.
  3. Describe the form and texture that you see present in Macnaughton’s drawings and artwork from the video.
  4. Would you ever be interested in creating art that is similar to what Macnaughton does? Discuss why or why not.


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