discuss what this law is and provide an example of diminishing marginal utility you ve encountered recently
September 11, 2021
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September 11, 2021
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You are working in the Information Technology (IT) department in Help Desk. As an IT Help Desk Technician working in helping customers through instant messengers (IM) on chat.

You are on the help desk that allows users to chat with you to solve problems. Respond to each of the problems as if you were in a chat window

Do answer each of the 10 questions below in complete sentences and add screenshots to document that you do understand how to complete each step.

Do provide References if any research is concluded

1- I want to move the taskbar at the bottom of the screen to the left side. How can I do this?

2- How can I add Skype to my taskbar?

3- I want to create a folder called Taxes and put two files on my USB drive: 2016taxc.xlsx and 2017taxp.doc in it. What do I need to do?

4- Can I create a shortcut on my desktop to the 2017taz file? How?

5- My mouse is not working, and I want to print the file on my computer. It is open in Word. Can I print it without using the mouse, how?

6- I want to hide the 2016taxes file on my computer, how do I do this?

7- A vendor asked me to tell them what version of the Window 7 operating system I am using. How do I find that out?

8- The vendor also asked me how much video RAM is available on the video adapter card? What is that and where do I find the information?

9- I am having all sorts of problems with my PC, and someone suggested that I use the Action Center. What is this and how might it help. How do I get to it?

10- What does the Windows 7 snipping tool do and how might I use it?


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