be sure to address each component of the prompt choose only one of the following topics

Your paper must include the following:
October 12, 2020
Do you agree or disagree that the U.S. should raise the minimum wage? How could this affect different levels of the economy?
October 12, 2020

be sure to address each component of the prompt choose only one of the following topics

Be sure to address each component of the prompt. Choose only one of the following topics:

  1. Avicenna and Aquinas advance related arguments for the survival of the human soul after death. Present and compare these arguments. Isolate common assumptions and discuss the (philosophical) differences you find between the two arguments. Be sure to say something about any differences you find on either picture between the soul as it is when embodied and the soul when disembodied.
  2. Choose two of the thinkers we study in this course and compare their views about self-knowledge. For each of the two discuss their views about what kind of knowledge we have of the self, and how we acquire it.
  3. Present and discuss Peter John Olivi’s views about what it is to be a person.
  4. In Meditation II Descartes claims to be unable to doubt his own existence. Present his view and compare it with either Augustine’s or Avicenna’s positions on the same subject. Are there significant differences?
  5. Present and evaluate Avicenna’s argument for the claim that the soul is a substance!


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