reaction paper 120
August 2, 2020
1 suppose that the world price of a t shirt is 20 does this country import or export t shirts how many 2 suppose that this country engages in trade a calculate the amount of consumer surplus that results in this market b calculate the amount of
August 2, 2020

bio 131 lab 15 dna forensics

Instructions and assignment:…

For the Lab Report. Turn in the completed Skill Sheet Worksheet Exercise 14 (p 217-218) (ATTACHED)-skip Table 1 (the one with red lines on it) so all you need do is….

1. Draw the gel.

2. Answer questions, 1,2,3

And add for me

3. Describe one thing you learned and found interesting from either of the two youtube videos I posted above. (link found in assignment and instructions link)


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