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February 23, 2021
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February 23, 2021

Business assig 4

1.Describe the benefits of employee involvement, and identify the four contingencies that affect the optimal level of employee involvement. 200 words

2. Discuss the benefits and limitations of teams, and explain why employees join informal groups. Apply one of these to a real life professional or personal experience involving creativity in your life (from childhood to adulthood).200 words

3. Discuss the roles of emotions and intuition in decision-making, and apply it to a real life professional or personal experience other than the one you shared in the non-graded learning activity. 200 words

4.Explain why people differ from the rational choice paradigm when identifying problems/opportunities, evaluating/choosing alternatives, and evaluating decision outcomes; and apply one of these to a real life professional or personal experience. 200 words

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