Understanding Marketing and Customer Relationships
February 21, 2021
Explain the existence of natural monopolies such as regional electric companies. What are the benefits and costs of allowing such firms to remain monopolies?
February 21, 2021

Business Brief

Chosen company is (Walmart, located in United Kingdom), Solve the attachment named “Questions” and Follow the guidelines below:

– Place important points or details into lists. The paragraphs provide context for the lists.

– Phrases not to use in a business brief, unless you have been specifically asked/hired to provide a recommendation:

I think…

I believe…

I feel…

In my opinion…

– Phrases to use or something similar in a business brief that are appropriate in any analytical discussion:

The data shows…

Research studies point out…

The analysis indicates…

Studies demonstrate…

Forecast indicates…

– Images, graphs, charts, or other types of visuals are considered to be figures in APA format and must adhere to proper APA formatting.

*** Note that I chose Walmart Inc. In United kingdom so the currency will be in Pound Stirling.

*** Citations within the body of the text follow APA format.

*** Reference list starts on a new page and follows proper APA format.

*** Sample business brief uploaded to know the procedures.

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