Business Strategy Sem 1 15/16 –

Final Paper -BUS 620
September 16, 2020
critically examine the relationship between crisis management and the justice professional and constructively identifies the gaps and omissions where…
September 16, 2020

Business Strategy Sem 1 15/16 –

Business Strategy Sem 1 15/16
a) Mintzberg (1987) likens strategy in an organisation to personality in an individual. Consider why this might be, and any implications for our understanding of strategy, with reference to The Strategy Concept parts I and II and a maximum of TWO other relevant concepts introduced on the module.
The word count target is 2000 (+/- 10%, excluding your references list and any appendices).
Proper and full Harvard referencing is essential.
Question-specific advice
a) These two articles were covered in Lecture 1, but you may find that the ideas resonate with other concepts introduced in subsequent sessions. Make sure that you are explicitly answering the question, not simply reproducing or paraphrasing Mintzberg’s work. Do your best to show that you understand what he is saying by – for instance – evaluating it (is it a good or bad idea, how useful is it, does it really help us to understand the nature of strategy?…) or pointing out any similarities you see with other ideas on the module.
Note: the inclusion of additional concepts is optional, it is entirely acceptable to concentrate your discussion solely on the Strategy Concept articles – this will give you the opportunity to achieve greater depth, whilst the addition of other concepts allows for comparison. Both approaches are valid: ‘different, but equal’.


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