Case 2: Buffalo Wild Wings –

Complete Short Business Law Assignment NO PLAGIARISM
September 17, 2020
Discuss the caries risk of orthodontic patients and the dental hygienist’s role in preventing caries
September 17, 2020

Case 2: Buffalo Wild Wings –

Case 2: Buffalo Wild Wings
Conduct in-depth analysis of each question. Questions require more than
short answers, you should be able to answer each question in depth, find
relationships between chapter readings, external sources, and company
website. Use APA for citations within questions and include references at
the end of each question.
There are four questions I attached text book material under each
Identitfy key elements of Buffalo Wild Wings’ strategic
management. The key elements of a strategic plan include
management’s plans to position the company in a chosen
market, compete successfully, and achieve good
performance. Conduct in-depth research and analysis; relate to
chapter readings and external sources. (4+ paragraphs
Question 2
Conduct in depth research and identify which of the five generic
competitive strategies (ch. 5) approximates the competitive strategy that
Buffalo Wild Wings is employing. Justify your answer with examples of the
strategy identified. (Requirement: 3+ paragraphs minimum)
Analyze Buffalo Wild Wings’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and
threats. Separate each using APA header levels. Do NOT use bullets.
(Requirement: 5+ paragraphs minimum
What is Buffalo Wild Wings’ competitive advantage(s)? Identify and thoroughly
describe why you believe this is a competitive advantage. Provide examples.
(Requirement: 3+ paragraphs minimum)
David, F. R., David, F. R. (2015). Strategic Management: Concepts, A
Competitive Advantage Approach, 15th Edition. [VitalSource Bookshelf
Online]. Retrieved from


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