Ch 4 Understanding and Engaging Customers Discussion

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October 18, 2020
Climate and Learning Environment<      Each of the positions or jobs listed in Week 1 take place in a specific location within the Multigenerational Center. As a future employee of one of these spaces
October 18, 2020

Ch 4 Understanding and Engaging Customers Discussion

Here are two discussion. Discussion 1 please write 250 words. Discussion 2 Please write 200 words.

Discussion1: Please watch this video and reading before this work. Thanks!

Please view this TedTalk by Alex Cabanas and relate it to some of our readings within the 1st few chapters. What stands out to you? Also, please share an excellent customer service moment that you have encountered (and remember).

Discussion 2:

Post a paragraph that SHOWS rather than TELLS your experience of observing a person or a place. Your purpose is to, through the written word, bring someone else to a place or a moment in time. At the end of this paragraph in the final sentence, strive to push deeper to communicate what idea/message/point is evident in what you have described. This should be fun!

Thank you!


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