Assignment 1 Good, Bad and ugly
January 14, 2020
This being a course in personal evangelism, it is only natural that we seek to practice what we study.
January 14, 2020

Change and Innovation 5

Bridges, W. (2009). Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change Paperback. DaCapo Press. Philadelphia, PA. (Read entire book.)

What is William Bridges Transition Model?

Managing Transitions at a Manufacturing Plant Bridges Transition Model (2016).

Zuieback, S. (2013). Change and Transition.

After reading and viewing the assigned resources create a thread that provides your insights on the following.

Compare and contrast the assigned readings, your chosen article, and the assigned videos in the context of global change management.  Analyze suggested methodologies of the authors and speakers to the advancement and improvement of global change initiatives.


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The post Change and Innovation 5 appeared first on Academic Heroes.

The post Change and Innovation 5 appeared first on Academic Heroes.


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