Childhood Literacy Lesson 5 Discussion and Assignment help

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March 6, 2021
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March 6, 2021

Childhood Literacy Lesson 5 Discussion and Assignment help

Please make into 2 separate documents.


Discuss critical issues to consider during book selection:

1.  Include culturally conscious and culturally diverse books.

2.  Include how bias impacts literature for young children.

3.  Include at least one of the following terms in your reply: characterization, fairy tales, expository.

4.  Create 5 different scenarios and tell what types of books you would choose to read in those scenarios and why.

5.  Describe how the issues of book selection apply to you. Include personal and/or professional applications.

The answer to this Discussion Board question must be at least 250 words and use proper grammar and spelling. One citation is required per discussion question response. You must make sure to cite your sources properly using APA / MLA.


Cultural Reality

Select and review three picture books that you believe present cultural reality and authenticity or use the selected books below. Summarize why you selected each picture book and what elements or features in the book captured cultural reality.

Ask yourself the following while analyzing your book:

  1. Does the book respect the dignity of those depicted?
  2. Does the book accurately portray diversity?
  3. Are dialects presented realistic, consistent, and appropriate?
  4. Is the book biased and out-of-date?
  5. What attitudes are encouraged?
  6. Are photographs and illustrations stereotyped?
  7. Are diverse individuals shown in a variety of roles, including positions of authority?
  8. Can you think of additional questions that should be considered? List them.

Characteristics of Authentic Literature

  1. The literature should include the range of character types or people found within the culture, although not necessarily in one book. The characters should not be idealized, but neither should stereotypes predominate. There should be doctors, teachers, truck drivers, cooks, and individuals in other occupations.
  2. The illustrations should not consist of caricatures of a group’s physical features. Rather, the illustrations should reflect the variety found among members of any group.
  3. The speech adopted by characters should have linguistic authenticity. Many members of a group speak standard English and can use and understand various dialects within the group as well. Vernacular language and casual, informal dialects are appropriate to some characters some of the time, but not all characters all of the time.
  4. The names of the characters should reflect the cultural traditions of a group.
  5. Food should not be used as a shorthand signifier of a group; for example, rice is not a code word for Asian or Asian-American.
  6. The beliefs and values of characters as well as their world views should reflect the diversity found in the groups’ community. Some will be conservative, others liberal, and a few radical.
  7. Writers should understand the pivotal roles families play in these groups and the family configurations that exist within the groups.
  8. Authors should portray members of the groups as intelligent problem-solvers who are not dependent on the intervention of a kindly white for redemption, salvation, or mediation.

Examples of books for consideration:

Cooke, T. Full, full, full of love.Cambridge, MA: Candlewick Press, 2003

Galindo, M.Icy watermelon. Houston, TX: Pinata Books, 2001

De Paola, T. Strega Nona, New York: Scholastic, 1996

Summary should include the following:

  1. Use of a minimum of one citation from the textbook or another source of information to support your rationale.
  2. List your source of information.
  3. Minimum length of summary is 250 words (excluding citation). 


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