chinese history about between red and expert in the prc

January 14, 2021
compare the leadership styles of three leaders.
January 14, 2021
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chinese history about between red and expert in the prc

The Prompt :

What were the tensions between “Red” and “Expert” in the PRC, and how did the tensions manifest themselves? Be specific.

In your essay, please only use the assigned readings to make your argument ( in the files section) . You can reference the textbook, but you will be primarily evaluated on your use of the assigned readings. You cannot use outside readings.

your paper, I expect a high standard in terms of writing, use of evidence, thesis, and general thoughtfulness.

I want a standard argumentative essay. This means that your essay should have an introduction, a conclusion, and at least 3 body paragraphs. Please don’t forget the thesis statement in the introduction and the topic sentences for the body paragraphs.


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