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June 20, 2021
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June 20, 2021
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Clinical Labs and Instructional Videos

APA format 2 pages 3 reference 1 from Walden University Library Due 10/1/19 8pm EST

Discussion: Clinical Labs and Instructional Videos

Consider the following scenario:

You have been teaching a clinical lab for a few months.
During each session, you have noticed that learners spend more time
participating in the introductory part of the lesson and less time
involved in problem-based, hands-on activities. After consulting current
literature on teaching best-practices, you learn that many instructors
require learners to watch introductory videos before participating in
clinical labs. These videos ‘set the stage’ for the lesson while also
demonstrating the skills in which students will engage during their lab.
You know that you will still need to review material at the start
of the lab but are excited about the advantages that this video could
bring. As such, you begin to search the Internet for a video that will
introduce your clinical lab.

To prepare

  • Review this week’s Learning Resources. Reflect on the strategies
    and methods nurse educators use to elicit critical thinking and
    problem-based learning in clinical lab environments.
  • Consider a psychomotor or skills-based technique that an individual might learn in a clinical lab. (Note: Clinical labs are not just for nursing students. Nursing staff and patients might also engage in this environment.)
  • With these ideas in mind, search the Internet for a short video
    demonstration of a clinical lab. (Suggested search key words are clinical nursing skills videos).
    Once selected, carefully review the video, provide the link to the
    video, and identify the learning objectives and intended audience of
    learners. If these are not explicitly stated, use the content of the
    video to determine the objectives and intended audience.
  • Consider how you might use this video demonstration to better prepare learners for an upcoming clinical lab.
  • Use the Lesson Plan Template
    document as a guide to critique, create a lab-based lesson that could
    accompany the video demonstration that you have selected. 


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