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June 20, 2021
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June 20, 2021
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cognitive neuroscience questions

1. Which is least likely to be caused by frontal lobe damage? (1 point)

a) environmental dependency syndrome

b) difficulty interpreting feedback from the environment

c) hemineglect

d) perseveration

2. Which component influencing our behavior choices is required to effortfully direct attention and guide actions or make decisions? (1 point)

a) supervisory attentional system b) contention scheduling

3. Which situation below would rely more on the supervisory attentional system, and which would rely more on contention scheduling? Explain your answer. (2 points)

Situation 1 – You cook your favorite meal, which you’ve cooked many times before.

Situation 2 – You cook your favorite meal, but modify many ingredients because you have invited a friend over for dinner, and she has some dietary restrictions that are different from yours.

4. Tonight is the season finale for a student’s favorite television show. The student has a lot of schoolwork to do, and won’t be able to complete it all if she watches the show. She makes plans to watch the finale online over the weekend. When it’s time for the season finale to start, the student briefly considers postponing her schoolwork to watch it. She decides to take a quick break and get back to work instead.

Explain one specific way executive functioning influenced the student’s behavior. (2 points)

5. A student begins a new class, and does very poorly on his first exam. He had used the same study techniques he has always used when studying for the exam. In other classes, he has consistently earned A’s on tests. When he takes the second exam, he again uses his usual study techniques, and again he does poorly. For the third exam, he decides to ask the professor for guidance on how best to approach studying for the class. He follows the professor’s recommendations, and his score improves on the third test.

Explain one specific way executive functioning influenced the student’s behavior. (2 points)


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