Research about physical growth of an average ten yr old and student’s patient physical growth,motor
July 1, 2020
History and Process of Nursing Research, Evidence-Based Nursing Practice, and Quantitative and Qualitative Research Process
July 1, 2020


An Ohio State University study found that fewer than a third of nurses surveyed had health care mentors that were available to help them learn about evidenced-based practices. It is imperative that new nurses need to be partnered with model mentors that are dedicated to seeking out current research. Established nurse leaders need to make more time to seek out current research and communicate when change needs to be made. A way to change this would be to have nurses review a procedure or current concern each quarter for their floor and see how they are rating.  Complacency tends to happen when there is no plan.

Another barrier that was identified in this same study was that nurses may stick to the tradition or previous teaching that they received when they were originally educated. New nurses who have received more up-to-date evidenced based training in school, may be up against nursing tradition when they come to the workplace.  These nurses may not be allowed or encouraged to implement this new evidence based practice and be orientated to the organization’s old policies and procedures (Nursing Times, 2012). A great way to tackle this is to survey new nurses throughout orientation and ask them if they were taught with different technique.  Once discrepancies are identified, the nurse manager could begin looking into the EBP for that concern.

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