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Community Nursing DQ

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The social determinants of health (SDOH)are generally answerable for health disparities. SDH are the conditions wherein individuals are conceived, develop, work, live, and age, and the more extensive arrangement of powers and frameworks forming the states of day by day life. These powers and frameworks incorporate monetary arrangements and frameworks, improvement plans, accepted practices, social approaches, and political frameworks (Rodriguez,2015).

For Healthy people 2020 the social determinants of health are: Social and Community context, Education, Health and Health Care, Economic Stability, and Environment. Social and physical determinants influence a wide scope of wellbeing, working, and personal satisfaction results. can influence in health and personal satisfaction results some time before we need clinical consideration, and these variables clarify to a limited extent why a few people are more advantageous than others. One social determinant has the potential to be a barrier to home care or care management service is the is the language and communication. Even when both client and nurse speak the same language, communication problems may occur because of varying cultural contexts in which words have different meanings to different people.

The level of education we have, the access to health care, our working status, and the environmental conditions we live influence our health. People living in slums are in risk drink contaminated water and get any waterborne disease. Communities with lower average incomes are disproportionately affected by poor environmental circumstances(Masto,2020).Many people without economic stability and low level education may cannot afford medical treatments or not really understand the medical information , others don’t even have transportation accessibility.


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