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February 22, 2021
Management Of Health Programs Case 3
February 22, 2021

Company Needs Statement

Please submit details regarding the company, real or fictional, that you will be consulting for regarding their need for project management software as well as a detailed explanation regarding their needs. This will be the foundation for LO 1 on the full paper that is due later this semester.

I included a description of LO 1 here but I encourage you to review the full paper assignment (in the module) to obtain a perspective of the requirements for a company here. This is not a separate assignment but rather just for me to ensure that you are on the right path for the full paper that is due later.


  • Provide information about your company and define their needs in terms of project management software. (Be specific)
  • Clearly state the purpose of the paper as an attempt to meet the needs you have identified.


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