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January 13, 2021
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complain letter

product that you are dissatisfied about.


After selecting a commodity, find the company’s contact information and write a letter that expresses your disapproval or censure using the skills for argumentation and rhetoric that you have acquired in this class.

2. After submitting the letter for class credit, send the letter (or e-mail) to the company with your contact information on the return label or email address. You may have to write a truncated version to fit the requirements for submitting your comment. Also bear in mind that you will have to consider acceptable forms of evidence when crafting this letter, which will most likely include proof of purchase and an image of the product.

Graded On: You will be evaluated based on the quality of your argument, use of evidence and reasoning,

adherence to the letter writing format (not an essay), and writing style.

Here is a website to help with the structure:…

So you don’t need send to company, just write a letter of two different virson. But same letter.

Second virson need to be put in company complains letter format so I can send to company and show my teacher. Thank you


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