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October 18, 2020
Assignment 3: The Value of Fair Treatment in the Workplace Due Week 10 and worth 280 pointsThe year is 2025 and the U.S. Supreme Court has declared all laws prohibiting discrimination in the workplace
October 18, 2020

conduct a community health assessment

Write a 2–4-page report on the concepts, processes, and tools needed
to conduct a community health assessment, how to find the data, and how
to validate the data. Explain the factors that can affect the health of a
community, along with how to obtain that information.

Understanding community and state health care issues and concerns,
the local resources available, and accessibility of those resources can
inform health care practices and improve quality patient outcomes.

Imagine you work for an organization that has decided to open a
satellite facility in an underserved community. Your organization asks
you to move to the new location and assist with some of the preliminary
work. Part of this work is to determine the health care needs of the
community. How will you do this? What information will you need to know?
Where will you find the information?


Search the Internet for peer-reviewed journal articles on how to
conduct a community health assessment. You will need at least 3
resources to use in this assessment.


Develop a plan for a community health assessment in which you complete the following:

  • Describe the type of data needed to make an informed community health assessment.
  • Explain how the data will help determine the health care needs of the community.
  • Describe your strategy for obtaining the necessary data.
  • Explain the factors that impact the health and wellness of a
    community. (Hint: This is a very broad list. Think outside the box on
    this one!)
  • Explain how you will obtain information on these factors for your specific community.
  • Explain how you will determine if the data and information you obtain is valid and reliable.
  • Format this assessment as a report that you would submit to a
    director or other organizational leader. You are still required to
    follow APA guidelines for in-text citations and references.

Additional Requirements

  • Include a title page and reference page.
  • Ensure your assessment is 2–4 pages in length.
  • Use double-spaced, 12-pt., Times New Roman font. (Recommended)


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