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June 29, 2020
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June 29, 2020

Consistory of Geneva

a. Read through the September-December 1542 excerpt from the Registers of the Consistory of Geneva.
b. Choose one of the following identities:

  1. The ideal father/male head of a household
  2. The ideal female member of a household
  3. The ideal single woman
  4. The ideal worker/professional
  5. The ideal neighbor
  6. The ideal Christian
    Ideals of the Identity
    a. Identify the identity you selected.
    b. Analyze three cases from the Register of the Consistory.
    c. Explain three ways the Consistory attempted to define the ideals of this identity
    d. Explain three ways the Consistory attempted to enforce the ideals of this identity.
    Ideal Values
    a. Describe one of the values the Consistory thought of as ideal.
    b. Explain how the Consistory attempted to mold behavior toward this ideal.
    c. Identify whether you see resistance to this enforcement, and what forms this resistance might take.

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