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course reflection 9

Course Reflection is to help students identify theoretical concepts related to the organizational behavior and HR management and demonstrate a clear understanding. The student will identify the following three (3) subject areas:

  1. Personality and Values
  2. Motivation Concepts – From Concepts to Applications
  3. Communication

Students will reflect upon and write in-depth to demonstrate a theoretical and practical understanding. The student will write a three (3) page paper addressing the areas as noted in the rubric below; follow the APA guidelines and be typed using the Times New Roman font, size 12 and margins should be one-inch top, bottom, left, and right. The entire document should be double-spaced and 5 pages (3 full pages of content).

  • Page 1 is the title page
  • Pages 2, 3 & 4 content (without subheadings or bullets)
  • Page 5 is the reference page – use at least three (3) quality sources – the textbook and two other academic sources.

IMPORTANT: Use the constructive feedback from your previous written work and apply it to Assignment 2 to improve your work.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this homework are:

  • Analyze individual human behavior in the workplace is influenced by personality, values, perceptions, and motivations.
  • Outline the elements of group behavior including group dynamics, communication, leadership, power and politics, conflict and negotiation.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking and analytical skills through the use of management case studies, personal application papers and small group exercises.


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