Hispanic Culture
December 3, 2020
Each week, one of your course requirements is to share with other cohort members based on the particular discussion question posed in the forum for that week. First, access and read the information pr
December 3, 2020


Just to get you started thinking about your oral history project, briefly provide a 1.5 – 2 page, double-spaced proposal (that you can modify or alter at any point in the future) regarding what you were planning on doing for your Oral History Project.

You should include in your proposal

a) a rough idea of the historical event you are examining

b)  some suggestion about who you may want to interview for the project and why

You may also want to include

a) what you think you may find in your interview

b)  what differences you may find between your two interviewees

c)  what you know about the event, and what you anticipate you may learn about the event


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