criminal theory and lombardos theory of criminal man

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criminal theory and lombardos theory of criminal man

Cesare Lombroso’s “Theory of the Criminal Man” pointed to body types and physical properties of man as an explanation for criminal behavior. Although this point of view is no longer supported in the criminal justice field, it’s essence still tends to exist in the portrayal by some Hollywood movie producers!

Please use your own words and refrain from using outside sources or citing.

1. Lombroso’s study of the “Criminal Man” (1861) led many to believe that a criminal possessed certain physical characteristics. Why do you propose that some people today (2018) might still think that criminals can “look” a certain way? Why would someone still have this idea, in your opinion?

2. Why is it important to study theories like this that are no longer supported in the field? Provide examples to support your viewpoint.

*Please number your answers #1, #2.


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