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January 24, 2021
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January 24, 2021

Cross culture assignment

Cross-Cultural Assignment

Cross-Cultural Article Assignment Instructions

Find the following article (instructions below), read it, and answer the questions about it. The questions are in a quiz format, but there is no time limit. You can go in and out of the quiz, but there is only one attempt, so once you have hit “submit” you are done editing your answers.

Mosier, C.E., & Rogoff, B. (2003). Privileged treatment of toddlers: Cultural aspects of individual choice and responsibility. Developmental Psychology (6). 1047-1060.

Finding your article

  1. Go to the HCC website.
  2. Under “quick links”, click on “Library”.
  3. Click on “academic databases”.
  4. Choose “PsychArticles”.
  5. Search for title of the article (Privileged treatment of toddlers).
  6. Click on HTML full text or PDF full text.

Reading a Scholarly Article in Psychology

  • The article will have 6 parts:
    • the abstract which is a short summary of the entire paper.
    • the introduction which contains the review of previous research and the hypothesis.
    • The method which describes who the participants were and how the data was collected.
    • The results section which describes the statistics used to analyze the information that was gathered.
    • The discussion which draws conclusions from the results and interprets them, as well as giving future directions for research.
    • The references which list the previous articles referred to in that article.
    • The hypothesis is a statement that includes the authors’ prediction for what they think the results of their study will be. It can be found in the introduction section, usually shortly before the method section. There may be more than one hypothesis.
    • The methods are ways of collecting data. Examples of methods that might be used are: questionnaires, interviews, observation, and experiments.

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