CUNY Hepatitis A Disease in Jamaica Queens Paper

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October 18, 2020
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October 18, 2020

CUNY Hepatitis A Disease in Jamaica Queens Paper

Please choose a communicable disease (hepatitis A) concern for your community (Jamaica, Queens) and complete the following assignment. Use the listed items as headings as you complete this assignment. This is not a formal paper requiring paragraphs. Use of bulleted lists is acceptable. You MUST be community specific and focused identifying a SPECIFIC community of your choice. The lecture content will be beneficial in completion of this assignment.

    1. Natural Life History of the Disease
    2. Incidence and Prevalence of the problem at the local, state and national levels (whenever possible…some topics have only national statistics while others will have all three). It is acceptable to use national statistics that may be reported as ***/100,000 and based on the population of your selected community you can extract an estimated percentage for your community.
    3. Risk factors related to occurrence
    4. Primary, secondary and tertiary prevention activities that can alter the natural life history of the disease or condition.
    5. Community health nursing interventions aimed at addressing the identified problem (list and remember to think in regards to your specific community.
    6. Local, state and national resources that focus attention on this problem.

    Grading Rubric

  1. Community and disease identified 5 Natural life history includes both pre-patho and patho 20 Incidence and prevalence at all levels where appropriate 10 Risk Factors 10 Levels of prevention appropriate and specific 10 Interventions that are community specific and community focused 25 Resources identified at all levels 10 Total Possible Score (10% grade) 100 pt

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