When I begin talking about the Behavioral Model ofsocialization, I refer to a case from the newspaper in which a man usesmany psychological techniques to impact his child’s behavior inparticular ways.
June 11, 2021
PROMPT: ANSWER ALL 5 QUESTIONS Describe 3 reasons psychology can be described as both a science and non-science. Discuss Aristotle’s views on emotions. Identify 3 ways that Aristotle’s views on emotio
June 11, 2021
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current issues 2

Several issues have been in the news in the past year, including: •Presidency of Donald Trump •Me Too Movement•Russian Hacking •Gun control •Water crisis in Flint, MI •Supreme Court •Lack of diversity in the Academy Awards •Immigration reform •Transportation issues with LIRR, NJTransit, and NYC Transit

Choose one of the following (or a current issue not mentioned) and answer the following:

a. How has social media played a role in this issue?

b. How would you create a solution for this issue? Explain

c. What are the implications of tackling this issue?

Do not go over 500 words


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