Curriculum Theory Lesson Plan

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January 14, 2020
Critical Response #5: Leadership
January 14, 2020

Curriculum Theory Lesson Plan

Educators are required to thoughtfully plan for instruction that considers the individual learning preferences in the classroom. Educators work to meet individual learning needs as they serve the students. Aligning a curriculum theory to instructional planning demonstrates purpose and commitment to the learning process.

Using the COE Lesson Plan Template, create a lesson plan in the subject matter and grade level of your choice. Align the lesson to the curriculum theory you related to most in Topic 2.-LEARNER CENTERED IDEOLOGY

Write a 250-500 word reflective summary that covers:

A rationale for the theory you chose and how it influenced your lesson.
Interdisciplinary opportunities that may exist in this lesson.
How the lesson could be modified/adjusted to differentiate instruction for diverse students.


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