diagramming 1

1.Client wants us to design a new wilmu library application where he can use it to borrow from library and have it delivered to home or pick it up from the library

******Date of pick up and date returned ********

No more than 3 books at a time

Your documentation must include:

  • A brief description of functionality provided by the system.
  • A problem statement (Systems Proposal) (Include only the problems or limitations you encountered; there is a need for objectives and scope)


Only offered to wilmu students, not other people

Phase 2

Design the UI functionality of it. NO use case diagram.

  1. Data Model: A class diagram
  2. Object Behavior Model: A Sequence Diagram.

Phase 3:

Transform the logical model into a detailed design. The design should include:

  1. Database Design
  2. Interface & Screens Design
  3. Input, Output & report Design.
  4. Control Design.
  • create an initial ERD
  • assign all data elements to entities
  • create 3NF designs for all tables, taking care to identify all primary, secondary, and foreign keys
  • generate the final ERD that will include new entities identified during normalization

(Note: There is no need to implement the database.)

2. After reading the following article, Feds spend billions to run museum-ready computer systems (Links to an external site.), devise two ways in which you would try and convince the government to transition from their antiquated system to a newer, technologically advanced system.


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