discuss some social movements in post 1950 in us

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October 13, 2020
The examination is open book. As a result, the examination is challenging.
October 13, 2020

discuss some social movements in post 1950 in us


What were the goals of each social movement and why? What strategies of

resistance did each movement utilize? What was each movement able to

achieve (e.g. legal, social and/or political changes)? What challenges did each

movement face? Were they ultimately successful in accomplishing their agenda?

What is the legacy of each movement?


Clearly articulate the following aspects:


larger historical context (as relevant to each movement)


specific agenda of each movement (what did they support and/or



specific strategies of resistance of each movement (e.g. sit-ins, protests,

lobbying, self-defense)


Specific successes, challenges, and legacies of each movement.

Only cite from assigned course materials. (American Yawp and PPT)


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