A161. Read the chapters 2-5 to write 2pages “What I know from chapters”
January 13, 2021
In a new Word document, answer the following questions on this week’s reading. Each response should be at least one well-developed paragraph.
January 13, 2021

discussion 15 and swa 10

For discussion, I will post the first part for you. Just pick one and answer the question. And write an original question for it.

Therefore, for first part, you need to have the answer for all questions and one original question about the topic.

For short writing assignment, I will post the guide for you.

I also post the required reading for you.

Due for first is 48 hours from now.

And one more thing, maybe I need to rewrite the essay 3, if I need to do that, I will post it for you and increase the money.


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