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October 13, 2020
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October 13, 2020

discussion 2529

Post A

The Edison Awards recognize firms that have developed innovative new products or services. Visit the 2019 Edison Best New Product Award Winners by clicking on this Edison Awards link (Links to an external site.). (Links to an external site.)

1. Select one of the 2019 award winners that has both a “View Website” and a “View Video” link. Review both the website and the video. Give a brief introduction to the product/service you selected.

2. To be successful, a “product” must by definition “create value.” Clearly explain what value you think your Edison award winning product/service provides. How is it better than what is currently used/done?

3. Discuss your thoughts regarding the other three aspects of the marketing mix for your Edison award winning product/service including, (1) where you would sell it, (2) how you would price it, and (3) how you would promote it.

Post B

1. Review the replies your peers made in Post A. Select and identify in your post one of their Edison award winning products/services.

2. Based on the marketing mix your peer proposed, discuss which factors (i.e., relative advantage, compatibility, observability, complexity and trialability) you think will speed the diffusion of this innovation and which factors you think will slow the diffusion of this innovation.


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