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October 18, 2020
Assignment 3: opioid crisis epidemicProblem: Includes the significance, background, and a problem statement. Problem Statement using PICOT: The problem statement identifies the specific gap in the kno
October 18, 2020

discussion questions due 3/17

need the following answered in 150 words minimum each. If references used cite in APA format.

1. How are personal goals both cognitive and emotional-motivational? 

2. What are possible selves and how do they represent the “personalization of goal” in self-concept? Explain and give an example. 

3. How are consumer culture and psychological insecurity related to the adoption of materialistic life goals? 

4. How do the classic studies by Walter Mischel and more recent studies of college students show the value of self-control for a successful life? 

5. From the perspective of control theory, what is the difference between approach goals and avoidance goals? 

6. How does the rebound effect demonstrate the ironic effect of mental control? 

7. What is the difference between wisdom and “book learning,” intelligence, technical knowledge, or being “smart?” What does it mean to be wise? 

8. How may the relationship between health and religion be explained (3 factors)?


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