economics discussion 30

In this module/week’s forum, you must read one of the articles above or listen to one of the podcasts and provide a summary of the article or podcast in the opening paragraph. In your second paragraph, you must explain an economic idea contained in this story. This should relate to something from the text book reading. Specifically, note how the economic idea plays a prominent role in the story. In the third paragraph, you must explain what you think about the events in the story. You do not have to agree with what is going on, but you do need to provide your reaction to it. This is your chance to express yourself: what are your opinions? Be sure to defend your position. Finally, what do you think is a Christian response to this situation? Provide details to support your view (in other words, do not just say “Christians wouldn’t act the same way as economists”).


  • Why cut tuition if students keep coming?: University of San Diego says they will try to slow tuition increases
  • Getting back on your feet gets harder with minimum wage hike:Felony Franks Restaurant Closes
  • Tax that wicked sugar: Mexico’s Sugar Tax Leads to Fall in Consumption for Second Year Running
  • PODCAST: What should the government do? Lighthouses, autopsies and the federal budget
  • Another rate hike in the future? Netflix mulls raising prices again


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