President Kennedy enacted a major change to our health care state by deinstitutionalizing those with mental illness.
October 18, 2020
With your policies and procedures, do you distinguish between a business conveyance and a property conveyance- and if so how?
October 18, 2020

Economics Discussion 5

Public Goods and Moral Hazard

  • Identify a product that you have consumed in the past couple of months and explain what makes the product a public good, based on the characteristics of a public good as defined in this week’s textbook readings.

  • In 2020, a leading insurance company started a policy that pays policyholders a 5 percent rebate on their insurance premium in a year in which the policyholders do not file an insurance claim. For example, a household with an annual premium of $1,200 will get a $60 rebate check each year it does not file a claim. Identify what problem(s) the insurance company is trying to solve by introducing this policy.

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